Friday, March 15, 2013

Saint Patricks day

The history of saidnt Patricks day is a about a boy who was kidnapped from England to become a slave. He was a slave for 6 years. While he was a slave he became Christian. He escaped from the place he was at and decided to go back to his old town. He become a priest fro 12 years. Then he decided to go back to Ireland were he was held as a slave. He brought Christianity to Ireland. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TOMAS symbolism & themes

In very school there's always that one quite kid. He/she sits alone only talks when needed and just keep to him/her self. Well at one point that was me. You see i made the dumb decision of moving to NY with my mom  for my freshman year. I new it was going to be hard i was in unknown territory. I was never really a shy person.
I was quick to make friends. But I was in a new place I was pretty terrified.  It was a completely different school Im use to going to a school that was diversed this school they were all white .___. But I didnt think much of it they seemed nice well so I thought. On my first day I was pretty nervous. 
When they gave me my schedule they called down two senior guys to show me around the school. They were really nice people.  There names where Mathew and Chris. They were hilarious. You could tell they were the class clowns. Within minutes I was comfortable enough to talk back with them to make jokes. They showed me to all my classes and introduced me to my teacher.  They would walk in the class and say "you have a new student" in a funny voice and I would start laughing anyone would of thought we been friends for  a while. I noticed a lot of the girls were looking at me witu dirty looks but I didnt put thought about it. When they were done showing me around they took to my 4th period class which was history.  Again they walked me and made conversation with the teacher. My teacher told me to take a seat. They guys left and said "bye dreaa" I felt happy that they called me that because most of my friends back home called me that so I felt comfortable.  Then I hear a girl in the back of the class say "who the fuck is that" and I quickly new she didnt like me because her tone of voice.
I honestly didnt care so I made a slide comment "you wanna find out" and I turned around and looked at her and smiled she rolled her eyes and that was thebend if it. The rest of the day was the same no girl wanted to talk to me. They all looked at me with a dirty look. I felt completely out of place I made a couple of friends but they where guys so most girls where saying I was a slut because of it. But I mean none of them wanted to talk to me so what was I spouse to do. I had a lot of arguments with girls almost regularly.  My grades where sleeping I just couldnt concentrate. I usually dont care if someone dosent like me but I felt like it was me against the whole school. At one point it got violent. They tryed to jump me in the bathroom they followed me home. I felt really useless I had no type of confidence.  I fell into a deep depression I wanted to move back to NJ. I just didnt know how to tell my mom. Soon she noticed I wasn't happy I would never leave my room. I was always sleeping I didnt even eat. She got worried and asked me what was going on. So I told her. She asked me if I wanted to leave and I told her I did. That was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do tell my mom I didnt wanna live with her anymore but I felt like if I stayed I wouldnt be able to handle it. So I left. Sometimes I feel pathetic butbi honestly think I did the right thing.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr.

I would be so ashamed if Martin Luther King would come to my class room. He would not be proud of us. I would be ashamed of my entire generation. Martin Luther kind died for us. He died for are civil rights. We have not done much to be proud of are self's. Just looking at some of us you can see the disappointment. Some guys basically have there pants on there knees some girls barley wear enough cloths to cover them self's. Not just are appearance but they way we act and the things we say very good either. Are generation is very bad. We have a lot of bullying going on. Martin Luther kind fought so hard for us. He put life at risk for are civil rights he died for us. He went from state to state giving speeches about stoping racism. There are many things wrong with are generation. Theres a lot of bullying. A lot of teenagers are doing drugs and alcohol. Many teenagers sneak out there house and go do reckless things. We do things we aren't even proud of. Its like we dont appreciate what Martin Luther king and many others have done for us. We aren't taking advantage of things we are able to have and achieve things we couldn't do years ago. We need to focus on are education focus on what we want for are selfs in the future. That would make everyone who has stood up for anyone proud. All were doing is making are selfs look bad. We need to make a change.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Similie & Metaphor

a Simile is a figure of speech. Its when you compare one thing to another thing using ''like or ''as'' .
example: ''I'm as tall as a tree''
I think Similes are important part of writing because similes are used to compare to things that usually wouldn't have anything in common but find something that they do.
But somewhere we went wrong We were once so strong Our love is like a song, you can't forget it

-Demi lovato ''Dont forget"

a Metaphor is another figure of speech when you compare two things that usually wouldn't be compared to each other without using ''like'' or ''as''.
Ooh, your love is a symphony
All around me, running through me
Ooh, your love is a melody
Underneath me, running to me
- Switchfoot ''Your love is a song''

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs. He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but still he climbed. ''I'm prepared for this'' he told himself and he was. He trained for 2 years to exact.  He climbed every mountain he could to prepare for this trip. He was 12 years old when he heard about this place. He was researching some homework when he came upon this little mountain. 15 people a year have to tried to climb this mountain and come back down alive none have succeed. He was fascinated by this place. He told himself he would be the first to make it back alive from that place and know at 23 years old he finds himself standing right in front of this very mountain. He took a deep breath and climbed. He was doing all he could to not think of how high above the ground he was well in this case water. He thought about how proud his father would be of him. When he first discovered this place him and his father made plans to climb it together but when he turned 18 hes father was diagnosed with cancer. So at the moment his father was to sick to even think of climbing a mountain let alone walk. He drifted off thinking of many other things. Before he new it he was at the top of the mountain. He looked around but all he saw was a tree in the center of the land. By the tree stood a woman. He couldnt believe it but the women was glowing she stood at the center of the land shining. He then realized she was the light of the land. She was the only sign of light and life in this place. She looked sad. She looked right at him and he could tell by the look of her eyes she was not happy to see him there. He stood frozen in his spot his legs were moving. He couldnt control them. The woman had taken over his body finally he had reached the edge of the cliff. He looked at the woman one last time with pleading eyes begging her not to do this. Without hesitation he fell. Hes last thought was that the woman was the sun of the land and she was guarding somthing. He didnt know what and never well. Just like the rest he wont be coming back alive.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I dont ever really remember my dreams. As soon as I wake up I forget them. About a year ago I was having dreams about my little sister. I wasent living with her at the time she was in NY with my mom and I was here in NJ with my dad. In my dream I saw her crying and being yelled at a tall dark shadow. I remember running and locking herself in a room and laying in a bed crying her self to sleep.
I had that same dream about 3 times. At tue time I would only be able to see her on fridays through Sundays. Everytime I saw her she seemed sad. Like something was bothering her. I never asked her because she was never one to talk about her problems. After about a week I asked her what was wrong. Turned out that my step dad at the time use to yell at her and make her feel bad so she would run to her room  lock the door and just lay in bed.
I couldnt believe that my dream was showing me what was actually going on. To me my dream was ment for me to help out my sister. It was telling me a situation and to fix it before things got worse. My sister was going through a really hard time and I know for a fact if I haven't had those dreams I would have no clue on what was happening. My dream opened my eyes to see that I need to pay attention to little things. Im sure my sister was showing signs of being emotionaly abused I just didnt notice them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


When my father announced to me and my mother that we were moving to Iceland I wasent surprised we were always traveling. My parents were very successful authors. They never took a break. Once they were finished with a book they would start of on a new one. We practically moved to a new town every 8 months. When I was younger they would always tell me one day they would settle down but after a while I stoped believing that would happen. I wish I could say I had a good relationship with my parents but that would be a lie. We spoke maybe 2 words to each other a day. They were good morning and good night. Oky maybe im exaggerating but my parents and me barley talked. I wasent happy about moving to Iceland but what could I do. Maybe they would let me go to public school home school was getting boring. When we arrived to are new house I was beyond exhausted. I was surprised on how small the house was my parents always went for the big houses. The house felt empty. We werent even living in a town. The house was in the middle of nowhere. I felt trapped and alone. There was no one to talk to not that I ever had friends. My parents always kept me trapped in the house. Ive never been to a mall, theater, park nor a restaurant. I never understood why my parents kept me away from everything and everyone. I never even asked them. I began to unpack my things. My room was pretty big I had an amazing view. I lived about 4 miles away from the seljalandsfoss. Even from a distance it looked beautiful. I wonder if my mother would let me go see it. It didnt matter even if I had to sneak out I would go and see the waterfall. Its not like the would even notice. The next morning I had my usual talk with my parents every morning "good morning jen breakfast is on the table" like usual I responded with a nodd. My parents went into there rooms and wont leave tell around 9pm when they get hungry. I decided to leave the house and go see the waterfall. It was a really peaceful walk. The sound of water falling let me know I was close. I looked around and couldnt believe how beautiful this was. I decided to go all the way to the top of the mountain. I was behind the waterfall staring at every single drop fall. Sitting there I felt so alone in life. I have no friends. My family dosent even care about me. I justed wanted to be gone I wanted to be on my own to do what I want. I got closer to the edge of the mountain. I was crying out of frustration. "I dont want to be alone anymore" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It was to late when I noticed I was way to close to the edge and triped. I couldnt get my balance I was hanging off the cliff. I couldnt get myself back up but I didnt know if I wanted to get back up. Do I wanna live a lonely life. I then realized I lost hope. So I let go. I closed my eyes and waited for the fall but it never came. I opend my eyes and saw my dad pulling me up. I was speechless what could I say. He looked at me with sadness in hes eyes even guilt. I was geting ready for the lecture but it never came. "Come on Jen lets go home" he said it with such coldness in his voice. "Why did you let me fall? Why didnt you just let me go?! Its not like youll miss me you dont even notice me!" I had finally let my feeling out. I looked him and saw a tear fall from his eyes. For a brief moment I wish I could take it back but I couldnt I didnt wanna feel alone anymore. We sat there staring at the beauty of this place. The smell of flowers birds flying by the water falling so gracefully. The day could not be more beautiful but I couldnt help but feel sad. I was beginning to think my dad wasent going to say anything when he spoke up "im sorry" it wasent much but it made me feel better. He cared enough to say sorry right. After that day my parents tryed to start conversation with me even promised to send me to an actual school. Ive been coming to this waterfall everyday now. I just set behind the waterfall looking down at all the tourist come to see this amazing waterfall. I wondered if they saw the true beauty of this place because I sure did. This place had the greenness grass. The most crystal clear water. The most beautiful flowers. But all I saw was hope because thats what this place gave me hope.